Introduction of Centers Labor Export in Hanoi

The Labor Export & Air Services Center is an unit belonging to Aviation Labor Supply & Import-Export JSC of Vietnam Airlines Corporations specialized and functioned in exporting Vietnamese laborers to work overseas on employment contract as per License No. 208/LDTBXH-GP granted by Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs on 02 Nov. 2009. The Center is also permitted to operate outbound tours according to International Tour Operation License No. 0568/2006 issued on 24 May 2006 by the General Department of Tourism of Vietnam.

In recent years, under management and instructions of the Board of Directors, the Center has had suitable orientations and exercised firm steps to occupy the market shares, its operation is more and more stable and gains good reputations from partners in Vietnam and aboard.

For the time being, the Center has selected, educated and dispatched more than 2,000 Vietnamese workers of all job categories to work overseas in many countries as Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Angola and Middle East Countries.... The workers are working properly and highly valued by the employers. 

To accelerate operation sufficiency, Labor Export & Air Services Center has focused and concentrated to expand into potential markets, to export skill or high skill workers with good and stable incomes such as to Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Turkey...

To realize the above orientations, the Center is set to improve its human organization, to educate and train its employees, to construct the responsibility spirits, the professional and creative working mode. To improve and boost up sufficiency of labor candidates recruitment, we plan to expand our co-operations with domestic and foreign partners who are eligible and functioned to supply labor candidates for the Center's demands. We also set up training facilities and offices to collect and educate candidates in the provinces in order to provide the workers with more information of the Center and the Company. We pay special attentions and cares to the labor selection and education to improve the labor quality to satisfy the needs of the present markets and to gain more productivity of the Center operations.

Labor Export & Air Services Center always desires and wishes to collaborate with all domestic and foreign partners in all and every field in the basics of long term and multilateral co-operations for the socio-economic development of Vietnam and other countries in the region.

We aim to collaborate for long last and common benefits

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